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- Single Room-

is perfect for those who want to relax with privacy while watching your favorite show or curl up in bed with a good book or check emails.

- Twin Bedroom-


recommended for family and friends. Spacious and homey vibes where everyone can relax and enjoy the bonding time.

- Transit Rooms-


are from 8 am up to 9 pm service. Suitable for a short-term stay where you can relax in comfortability. Take a shower and change clothes and more to offer while in your transit

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<◯=No vacancy> <▲=1 room left>   <待=Ccancellation waitinglist> <仮&X=No vacancy>
 ↓ Member registration ↓ Cancellation and change of reservation

Please contact the receptionist below for any questions.

TEL:+81 90(3030)4466

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